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Saturday, 18 September 2010

And the Nominee is...

Behold, fair readers, the Vampire Bunny has been nominated for a Creative Bloggers Award.  Yarsh indeed.

Chris Allinotte, aka from this moment on as THE NOMINATOR, threw this my way and I very much appreciate the thought.  There are two parts to this award: Part A) I must give 6 funky lies and 1 weird truth, or 6 weird truths and 1 funky lie and it's up to you lot what's what. Part B) is that I must nominate another 5 folk, who I'll list below:

1 - Kelley Nicol...Where the Dark Things Go
2 - Pixie J. King...The Works of Pixie J. King
3 - Ellie Garratt
4 - Matt Nord...My Undead Brain
5 - Alva J. Roberts...The Guy Who Wrote That Thing

Wow, I hope those links work!  They are 5 pretty cool people, who I really think need high fives for their blogs and their work.

Now onto my bit!!! 6 lies and 1 truth or 6 truths and 1 lie????  Who knows?!?!?!?!?

1 - I have seen Repo! The Genetic Opera at least 100 times.
2 - I hand-made a Harley Quinn costume one Halloween and nobody knew who I was.
3 - I once played a crazed fan in a film about a band who had no music.
4 - I have a hamster called Coraline.
5 - I have a scar on my eyeball and sometimes, when I'm really tired, I can see it everywhere I look.
6 - I'm an avid baker and make cupcakes, cookies, biscuits and peppermint cremes all the time.
7 - I'm allergic to lavender.

Hmmmmm...what do you peeps think???  Go check out the above blogs, including that belonging to Chris, THE NOMINATOR!!!!

Lotsaluv, Em

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thank God, Thor, Buddha and Elvis

I have finished my novella.  At last...

Tell you something, the title "Glitter and Trauma" has never seemed more apt.

Lotsaluv, Em

Where oh Where Have I Been?

...I just do not know.

Well to tell the truth, I've been working my big curvy butt off.  I've been really busy at university and next week I go on placement so it may be radio silence on my end for a little while longer.  Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear.

But let's get down to the important stuff. At the moment, I'm waiting for 7 anthologies to arrive on my doorstep.  Yes, 7.  I can see you mouthing it in disbelief!!!!  Yarsh, indeed. So let's get cracking, shall we?  Were-What is now available on Amazon and Waterstones.  My copy is coming from Waterstones so that I could get my points on my card and they were doing 10% student discount, so yeah, Waterstones won.  With Madness of the Mind I did the same thing.  Also with The Cedar Chest, and Ghosts and DemonsI'm waiting for Waterstones to fire them my way.  Wow, 4 down.  That's all the Static Movement books sorted.  As usual, Chris Bartholomew has done a top-notch job and I'm thoroughly excited about seeing them.  Particularly Were-What, which features my story "Riding."  I think I've caught you up with what stories are in what books, except for The Cedar Chest, which was a tad last minute.  Last second acceptance was my story "Loss", which is a rather creepy one and I'm looking forward to seeing it in print.

The fifth is Novus Creatura, an Aurora Wolf salvage job that was abandoned by Lame Goat Press (yet another one, but that's them all in print now), but picked up by the very hard working Michael C Pennington.  My copy is a free contributor's copy, so all you lot will have to buy it yourselves, mwahahaha!  Can't wait to see this one because I really like my story "Ruined" which has been waiting quite a while to reach print now, but it's found its way at last.

Numbers 6 and 7 are both Pill Hill books.  They haven't hit amazon yet, but I think you can order them through Jessy Marie Roberts at Pill Hill.  I've got Fem-Fangs on the way (soon to be the sexiest covered book on my bookcase!!!!) and Dark Things, which has my story "Watching Shadows" in it.  That story was my first paid piece with Pill Hill so I'm extremely excited!!!  Nearly hit the ceiling when I saw that $3.24 in my paypal account!  Alright, you may laugh that my fee was 1/4 cent per word, but I don't care!!!  I'm fair chuffed.!  That's a good day's work for me!!!!


Sent off 4 stories today.  Yes, 4.  First chance I've had in over a week so I'm been sending off a bunch.  In other news, my novella is practically done so the troop and I should be sending it off soon.  Fingers crossed and lets hope my $3.24 was a sign of good things to come.

Well bunnies, I'm going to trot off and tidy up the last of my novella, which I've called "Glitter and Trauma".  Not long now...

Lotsaluv, Em