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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Success! Nanowrimo 2011!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  Done with 2 hours to spare!  Booyah!  Sitting at 50057 words at the end of November for my new novel "The Other Side".  I've still got a fair chunk I want to do but I'm so proud that I did all that in November, and with my crazy job, too!  That was including not getting home until late on Mondays and a day where I had to pull an 11 hour shift!

Keep your eyes peeled folks and I'll keep updating on my novel's progress.  Shouldn't take long to actually finish now.

Woohoo!  Can't believe I managed this!

Lotslauv, Em

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Oh Dear

Nano word count for yesterday: 0.  Uh oh.  I blame the crap day at work and the new bookcases I had to fill in the flat.  But now I've got Saturday to blitz it and my books do look awesome downstairs now.

My personal goal for today: about 3500 words.  I've decided that if I hit the 8500 mark in my total count, I can watch X-Men First Class tonight with a big glass of Southern Comfort and some Carte Dor chocolate indulgence ice-cream.  Incentives, incentives; that'll get me through.

Wish me luck.

Lotsaluv, Em

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nano Update

Alrighty folks, here's the breakdown of my Nanowrimo novel so far:

Day 1: 1717
Day 2: 1219
Day 3: 2464

Total: 5400

Not too shabby.  Especially considering the fact that I've been working all week and managed to make cookies last night for my third year pupils and K Bargie.  Would have done more on Day 2 but K distracted me by putting on Borat.  Damn that Sacha Baron Coen and his zany antics.

Should have the next catch up by the weekend.  Have a good Friday lads and ladies.

Oh and good luck to all the nano-ers out there working their wee socks off.

Lotsaluv, Em

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


It's November 1st and Nanowrimo has officially begun.  This year I am totally going for it.  Day one was a good start on my new novel, "The Other Side".  I don't want to reveal too much right now, just give you a little taste of things to come.

Today's word count finished up at 1717.  This means, I've not only met my daily target of 1667, but exceeded it.  You can track my progress at:


My profile is unbelieveably boring at the mo' but at the weekend, I'll have it ship-shape and ready to go.  But for now, be sure to check up every now and then and as soon as I can, I'll get a wee word count widget on here for you fine bunnies.

Fare thee well, bunny trackers.

Lotsaluv, Em