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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Other Side

Hoping to have the new novel nearly finished by the New Year.  Fingers crossed guys.  It's needing a lot of editing but at least I've pretty much got a first draft done.

However, I've just ordered 2 Batman cross stitch patterns :S  Uh oh, going to be a bit distracted.

Two weeks tomorrow and I'm finished work for Yuletide.  Woop-de-doop.

Lotsaluv, Em

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Success! Nanowrimo 2011!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!  Done with 2 hours to spare!  Booyah!  Sitting at 50057 words at the end of November for my new novel "The Other Side".  I've still got a fair chunk I want to do but I'm so proud that I did all that in November, and with my crazy job, too!  That was including not getting home until late on Mondays and a day where I had to pull an 11 hour shift!

Keep your eyes peeled folks and I'll keep updating on my novel's progress.  Shouldn't take long to actually finish now.

Woohoo!  Can't believe I managed this!

Lotslauv, Em

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Oh Dear

Nano word count for yesterday: 0.  Uh oh.  I blame the crap day at work and the new bookcases I had to fill in the flat.  But now I've got Saturday to blitz it and my books do look awesome downstairs now.

My personal goal for today: about 3500 words.  I've decided that if I hit the 8500 mark in my total count, I can watch X-Men First Class tonight with a big glass of Southern Comfort and some Carte Dor chocolate indulgence ice-cream.  Incentives, incentives; that'll get me through.

Wish me luck.

Lotsaluv, Em

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Nano Update

Alrighty folks, here's the breakdown of my Nanowrimo novel so far:

Day 1: 1717
Day 2: 1219
Day 3: 2464

Total: 5400

Not too shabby.  Especially considering the fact that I've been working all week and managed to make cookies last night for my third year pupils and K Bargie.  Would have done more on Day 2 but K distracted me by putting on Borat.  Damn that Sacha Baron Coen and his zany antics.

Should have the next catch up by the weekend.  Have a good Friday lads and ladies.

Oh and good luck to all the nano-ers out there working their wee socks off.

Lotsaluv, Em

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


It's November 1st and Nanowrimo has officially begun.  This year I am totally going for it.  Day one was a good start on my new novel, "The Other Side".  I don't want to reveal too much right now, just give you a little taste of things to come.

Today's word count finished up at 1717.  This means, I've not only met my daily target of 1667, but exceeded it.  You can track my progress at:


My profile is unbelieveably boring at the mo' but at the weekend, I'll have it ship-shape and ready to go.  But for now, be sure to check up every now and then and as soon as I can, I'll get a wee word count widget on here for you fine bunnies.

Fare thee well, bunny trackers.

Lotsaluv, Em

Friday, 23 September 2011

At Last...

I am very pleased to report that Simple Twists of Fate has just been submitted to Wicked East Press for consideration.


After 6 crazy weeks of my new job, I finally had a day to sit down and gather my thoughts.  Completed my submission package 20 mins ago and I have literally just hit the send button on the email to Jessica Weiss.  So excited!!!

I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking so far.  While I'm waiting for news back I'm just going to keep reading and rereading my stories in order to edit them to their best possible version.  Even the reprints have had a major overhaul.  Pretty damn pleased with this.  Seriously.

I'm aware that there's been no free story for September.  This will be uploaded over the weekend.

In other news, here's the previously promised pics of my new wee minion: Dexter (as in Dexter Morgan!) the Chinese Dwarf Hamster.

Awwwwwww!  He's freaking awesome and a little crazy.  Suits me just fine then!

Be back soon!

Lotsaluv, Em

Sunday, 11 September 2011

At Last...

I have moved out into my own wee flat and I finally have the internet back. Hazzah! And, even better, K Bargie and I got a cootchie wee chinese dwarf hamster. He is AWESOME!!! Pictures to follow. Good to talk to you again bunnies.

Lotsaluv, Em

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My brain hurts.

Right now K Bargie is reading me part of a report he is writing at the moment.  He is doing a PhD in something I don't understand.  Of the two sentences he just read out to me, I can repeat none of it as that is how much of it my brain actually processed.  Oh hell.

In other news, it's taken me a while to report this, but I finally have the chance to do so.  The following books have been released over the past two months by Static Movement and feature some of my stories:

Ruby Red Cravings, edited by the awesome Brianna Stoddard, is now available to purchase and has two stories from my "Flashes Before her Eyes" vampire series.  "Northern Winds" (Viking vampires-say what?!) and "Last of the Wilds" which involves my vampire having an erotic encounter with a lesbian tree.  Oh yes, you read that right!

Two Naomi Clark anthologies, the first being Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell, an anthology of angels and demons.  Here you can find my flash piece "Strings" about angelic puppets.  I really like this wee piece.  I wrote it while skulking in one of the galleries at work one Saturday afternoon.  Might add it into "Simple Twists of Fate".

Wicked Witchery is a very recent release.  It's available on the Pill Hill Shoppe at the moment and should be up for sale on Amazon very soon.  It's got a page on Amazon just no purchase info as of yet.  This book contains "Second Hand Faith" which is a daft wee prequel to the fantasy novel I've been working on since the day I turned 16 (shit you not).  I love these characters and it'll be brilliant to see them in print.

As K Bargie has stopped talking about transnationalism and cultural identity (far too heavy for discussion on such a sunny day) I am going to leave you all now with a final thought.  Adam (of Ferocious Bloodaxe fame) who did the awesome posters for The Shadow People has begun work on a cover for Simple Twists of Fate.  Can't wait to see it!!!!!

Here comes the sun, do-doop-do-doo.

Lotsaluv, Em

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Of Stepford Wives and Strange Devices

Beautiful day.  Sitting in the kitchen typing this as the sun streams in through the French doors.  Unfortunately, they are firmly shut and locked as the dog is being a little shit and keeps barking at the kids playing in the lane beside my garden.  Shall attempt to ignore him but he's a bloody pest.

Typing up the last story for "Simple Twists of Fate" right now.  Then it's on to the final edit.  Really excited.  Tomorrow is going to be a total work-a-thon and I'm just going to blitz this book.  All of the stories need a read-through and tidy up but "Swampblood" needs a lot of work.  I suspect that is what'll eat up most of my attention and time.  Not long now though.  Want to have my sample stories ready to go by the end of the week so fingers crossed.

In other news, K Bargie and I got our wee flat :)  Sooooooooo happy!  Not sure quite when we move in yet but I'll keep you posted.  The down side to this is that I'll be without internet access for a while so blog posts may be few and far between throughout August.  However, a couple of my fave pubs do free wifi so I may just drag my laptop into either of those.

While I type this I can hear K upstairs, faffing about with my guitar.  He's in the process of teaching himself "Let her Dance", which is the closing track of "Fantastic Mr Fox" - a film he loves to a stupid degree.  I'm going to attempt to make a pecan pie for him today.  What has become of me?  Moving in with a man-creature and baking him pies?!  What would the Pankhursts say?

Anyway, I better get back to this story.  And apologies to Paul and Andy, whom I left a very daft post about on Thursday night.  If you didn't see it guys, it was just very dopey - praising Paul's blog and describing Andy reading a Charlotte Roche book to my dog.  Cocktails and the internet DO NOT mix well!  Swiftly deleted this.  Hope you both don't mind!

Got to go now and enjoy the rest of this bright Sunday.  Have a good one, bunnies!

Lotsaluv, Em

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Erotic Topic Part 2

Some exciting news...

First of all, K Bargie and I got another step closer to the dream home.

Second, my story "Salt Skin" (title taken from the Ellie Goulding song) has been accepted by the wonderful Brianna Stoddard to appear in "Satin Beauty". This is an erotica anthology she's editing for Static Movement and I can't wait to get my hands on this book! Oooh-er!


Lotsaluv, Em

Monday, 18 July 2011


K Bargie and I may have found our dream home.  I am so excited.  K keeps reprimanding me for lurking on furniture websites.  Apparently I am not allowed a table which pulls out like slices of pizza (from Next.co.uk)

Damn him.  Scouting out Batman prints and posters already. Skweeeeee!  Fingers crossed.  It's even going to have a little office/library to write in.  Woohoo!!!  More news to come...

I am aware that this is supposed to be a blog about my writing and I have descended into some Stepford Wife-type creature but screw you, I'm happy.  Writing tonight, I promise...

Lotsaluv, Em

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Busy week!

No time for anything this week. K Bargie and I are flat-hunting at the moment so we've been rushing around the city like mad folk. On top of that we've got a birthday and a wedding this week AND I quit my job on Sunday.

I don't know when my brain will stop spinning.

In good news...Adam has agreed to do the cover for Simple Twists of Fate. Yaaaaaaay!

Lotsaluv, Em

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Captain Hook

Typed up a big chunk of SToF and taught myself to crochet (with Mum's help). Apparently I sound like Herman Munster when I make a mistake. Ah well I do like the Munsters...

2 stories left to type up and then it's on to the editing, rewriting and re-editing stage. Awesomeness.

Remember to check out the free story for July!!!

Night night bunnies. Sweet dreams and dreadful nightmares.

Lotsaluv, Em

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Real Work

Typing tonight.  Like a crazed looney tune.  Making up for a week's laziness.  I've made a deal with myself: if I get 3 stories typed up tonight then I can learn how to crochet.  I bought a book on Amigurumi last week and it's sitting in my room winking at me, trying to seduce me into skiving off and just making cootchy little creatures all night instead.  So instead, I will type up a handful of stories and then I can crochet to my wee heart's content.

Story that I've got sitting in a Word document under this page right now is a children's story called "Puddles", based on the Jasmine Becket-Griffith painting "Autumn Mermaid":

Image copyright Jasmine Becket-Griffith and taken from Jasmine's own site.  Really pleased with this story.  It's ridiculously cute.  Anyway, I'm a little chunk through it and here's a little taster for you:

As he turned to go back to the house, Jamie heard a splash, coming from one of the puddles.  An unchecked puddle, actually.  He looked over in the direction of the noise.  In his cold grip, the bucket was feeling much heavier now that it was full of water.  He really should be heading home now.  The puddle splashed again.  He had seen it this time, he definitely had.  Bucket down, wellies shlooped through the mud towards this uncharted puddle.  It wouldn’t hurt to investigate.  Would it?  He crossed the short distance to the puddle, stationed himself right over it and took a good look down...

Hope you like so far!!  This is no where near as dark as I usually go but it's sweet and mermaid-a-licious!

I've also put up July's free story - "A Pirate's Life for Me" - which originally appeared in Ethereal Tales (which is sadly coming to a close) and is part of my Vampire series: "Flashes Before her Eyes".  Enjoy!

Better go get typing now!  Nearly there!!!!

Lotsaluv, Em

Currently Listening to: Strange Boy by Kerli
Current Simple Twists of Fate word count: 60,262 words

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Damn right...

I am going to write all day tomorrow. I swear to the Gods. K Bargie is faffing about with movie soundtracks right now so I don't care. It sounds like Ghostbusters 2. All day I'm going to create wonderland. I'm writing something to "Hurt" by Johnny Cash. Gonnae be awesome, I promise. Sort of twisted Rapunzel. Anywho, Kylie's off the computer so I better scoot...

Farewell my loyal bunnies, thank you for visiting.

Lotsaluv, Em

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Raven on My Shoulder...

Wow, been a while again.  I'm terrible at keeping up with this.  Apologies.  Anyway, this little post is a major update...

Only 20,000 words away from finishing Simple Twists of Fate.  Woohoo!!!  And to top that off, I've got 3 and a half stories sitting in front of me right now, lurking in notepads, waiting to be typed up. (3 and a half because I didn't get a chance to finish the 4th one in work today.)  Pretty pleased with these ones and they fit in with the rest of the collection well.

On the whole, the book is shaping up brilliantly.  Really really pleased with it.  However, during the week there I removed an erotica piece called "Salt Skin", which just didn't really feel right with the other stories.  Anyway, it's a mermaid tail and I've already got 3 mermaid pieces in the book and I don't want it to drown it with siren stories (har har sea humour).  Although, Brianna Stoddard is running an erotica book over at Static Movement so I may send it swimming her way and see if she bites (okay, I'm through with the puns now I promise).

Have noticed that quite a few of my newer pieces have been in the same vein as my story "Moth Touch", which was published in Creepy Things: An Anthology of the Creepy-Crawly, Spooky & Silly, published by Static Movement.  By that I mean mini character portraits capturing one scene, a la the prologues in The Canterbury Tales (which I was obsessed with when I was about 17).  Pretty happy with this as it keeps in tone with my "Simple Twist of Fate" theme.

This collection will also include my brand new novella, "Swampblood", which I originally wrote as a short story for a different collection.  However, even when I finished the original short story, I new there was much more to this tale and decided straight away that it would be much better suited as a novella.  It tells the tale of the sheriff of the small Louisiana town of Swampblood and his search for his girlfriend, a newcomer to the town.  So excited about this piece.  It's one of my favourites!

Once I type up these stories tonight, I'm spending the next week doing read-throughs, edits and rewrites.  This will ensure that everything is perfect.  Hopefully should have the whole book completed within the next few weeks.  Fingers crossed.

And now for something completely different...  Little plug here for a fellow blogger.  I urge you all to go check out A Cinephile's Journey, which is a freaking awesome blog.  My most cinematically literate and sharply dressed mate Paul Costello has started an epic project.  He is watching every film he owns in alphabetical order and reviewing it.  So far, he's 15 films down and not even out of the As.  This makes my film collection look pitiful.  I think it will even overshadow my film-obsessed partner-in-crime K Bargie's vast DVD horde.  Paul has already covered some awesome films, including Ace Ventura and The Adventures of Prescilla, Queen of the Desert, which is one of my faves.  Prescilla is sheer Aussie genius and Paul's review of it is spot on.  So, fair bunnies, I implore you, join one man on his journey through his DVD shelf ( or shelves more like if his room is anything like K Bargie's).

That seems to be us all caught up now!  I better beat it and finish typing up these stories and get closer to that goal of completing Simple Twists of Fate.  Not long now...

Farewell, bloody bunnies...

Lotsaluv, Em

Friday, 17 June 2011

VAMPIREBUNNY REVIEW: "Cupid, Playing" by Kenneth C. Goldman

"Cupid, Playing" by Kenneth C. Goldman, appearing in Flash!, pp 31-32.  Edited by Chris Bartholomew, published by Static Movement.

4 Bunnies out of 5.

SYNOPSIS:  An unsuspecting couple are being watched by Cupid, who has his bow and arrow at the ready...

This story is taken from SM's salvaged anthology "Flash!"  For those of you who don't know the background to this book, it was originally supposed to be published by a publisher who closed up shop before it saw completion.  Fortunately for us readers, Chris Bartholomew saved the day and brought this book into the world and gave us the tale "Cupid, Playing."  A snappy little piece of flash fiction, Goldman presents us with a portrait of a character we are all familiar with and turns it on its head.  Yes, okay, it's a format we've seen before - inverting the norm - but by using the character of Cupid, it's quite fun to imagine a thousand crummy Valentines cards being metaphorically set on fire.

Anyway, onto the actual writing itself, even if the tale was about Cupid simply seeking out a couple to match up, it would still be beautifully begun.  The build-up is just so wonderfully cheesy and corny, as the couple proclaim their love for one another.  I don't want to reveal the twist but let me just say that it's pretty much what I've often wished would actually happen during almost every romantic comedy I've ever watched.  Bam.

Due to the fact that this is a flash piece, I'm struggling not to reveal what the twist is.  However, what I will say is that this story gives us exactly what flash is supposed to - a twist in the tale.  It's enjoyable and fun and totally worth a read.  The great thing about this anthology is that it's a whole collection of pieces like Goldman's and to think that it almost didn't get published is almost as scary as some of the stories in it.  Thank the stars for Static Movement and for Kenneth Goldman for submitting his story to this fantastic wee book.

THOUGHTS FROM THE RABBIT HOLE:  A snappy little twist in the tale piece which turns the Cupid image on its head.

Well done Ken!!!

Lotsaluv, Em

Friday, 10 June 2011

REVIEW: "Tiny Grave" by Sean Monaghan

"Tiny Graves" by Sean Monaghan, appearing inThe Shadow People edited by Chris Bartholomew. Published by Static Movement.

4 bunnies out of 5.

SYNOPSIS: A businessman's family are being tormented while he is away on business.

What a great story. Really loved this. Totally gutted that I didn't have the chance to review this sooner. Apologies. Anywho, "Tiny Graves" is a perfect fit in this anthology of shadowy tales. Fantastic build-up and a convincing little family that the reader genuinely worry for as the story progresses. Both kids are likeable while the mother instantly gave me a curious buzz of warning.

A great touch to this tale is the fact that the main bulk of the terror takes place on the other end of the telephone. Louis has to listen to the frightning events on the phone which is without a doubt the scariest element in the whole story. The reader goes through exactly the same as Louis; missing parts of the action and being left out of the loop. Brilliant technique. Applause for Monaghan on this. Loved this.

The only thing that lets this piece down is that I feel that it's over too quick. With such a lengthy build-up and dramatic indirect action, I feel that the come-down could have been a bit more drawn out. Can't say much without spoiling the ending but I would happily have read about another 1000 words of "Tiny Graves".

Thoughts from the rabbit hole: Likeable characters and a fantastically well-constructed tale. Just wish there was more of it!!!

Well done Sean!

Lotsaluv, Em

New Project!

Noticed post over at Wicked East Press advertising an open call for single author collections and now that I'm finished with uni, this is my new main focus.  Eeeeep!

My collection is entitled "Simple Twists of Fate" (a spin on my fave Bob Dylan song) and it's shaping up goooooooood so far.  Just finished collating the reprints that will be included and they finish up at 30,000.  I'm aiming to hit 90-95,000 in total, so that should give you an idea of how much brand new material will be crammed into this tasty feast of fiction!

Reprints featured are:

Chasing Rabbits (Daily Bites of Flesh)
Death and the Maiden (Pandora's Nightmare)
Another Girl’s Paradise(Daily Flash)
Time (Daily Flash)
Clowns All Around You (Dusted)
Starry Eyed (Moon Washed Kisses)
Dark Wings (Daily Erotica)
Pride and Joy (Flash!)
The Hunt (Howl)
Loss (Cedar Chest)
Glitter and Trauma (The Shadow People)
Moth Touch (Creepy Things)

I'm pretty certain that I won't use any more reprints other than these.  Glitter and Trauma takes up the bulk of it but it's mostly flash as you can see.  Very excited about the new pieces.  Got about 3 or 4 to type up tomorrow and once I get to work on Saturday, I know I've got a notepad in there with a few pieces in it too.  Should be awesome!!!

As with my vampire collection that I wrote before, I'm doing this in a NaNoWriMo format, writing as many words as possible every day and then I'll get to the editing process later.  Determined to come up with at least 60-65,000 words of brand new fiction.  At the end of every post throughout the next month, I'll stick a progress count so that you can keep up to date with the collection.

I'm also aware that I owe about 3 reviews.  Will have at least 1 of these up by tomorrow morning, I promise!

Wish me luck, bunnies!!!!

Lotsaluv, Em

Current word count on new stories: 9,641 words :-) Fair start.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Why Adam is Awesome

 Posters for The Shadow People, done by my very talented mate Adam Turner.  I really appreciate him doing these and they are absolutely amazing.  Hope you all like them.  High fives all round for Adam. I'll be plastering these ALL OVER Glasgow as soon as I can.  Awesome!!!!

All this done because this book features my first novella "Glitter and Trauma" - check it out bunnies!!!

Lotsaluv, Em

Sunday, 15 May 2011

REVIEW: "Crossroad Blues" by Dorothy Davies

"Crossroad Blues" by Dorothy Davies.  Appearing in Oil, edited by Martin Zeigler, published by Static Movement.  Pages 54-57.

5 Bunnies out of 5.

Synopsis: A hitchhiker tells their next ride how they came to be out on the road.

Absolutely loved this tiny little tale.  While the actual plot is nothing totally out of the ordinary (how very "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"), what won me over with this piece was the narrator.  What Davies shines at with stories like this is having such a unique narrative voice weaving the tale.  The title of the collection is "Oil" and the narrator's words are as smooth and slick as the substance itself.  On first reading I didn't get how the story fit with the anthology's central theme, but this piece is one that lingers with you like the scent of petrol.  The oil theme is more in Davies' telling of the tale rather than its ideas.  It's a smooth and fluid story which I would happily read again and again, and its flash-fiction length allows for this.  Conforming completely to a flash-like structure, the story is a compact and condensed glimpse into a character and their background - well controlled stylish.  Overall, I loved this.  Magic in 3 pages.

THOUGHTS FROM THE RABBIT HOLE:  A glimpse into the world of a smooth talking narrator with a slippery past.  Wonderfully told.

Coming soon: Review of "Tiny Grave" by Sean Monaghan in The Shadow People.

Lotsaluv, Em

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Revampire Bunny

Given the old blog a bit of a make-over as you can see.  Apologies for the pages at the top, which are all currently under construction, but as soon as I can, I'll fill these up with awesome things.  Expect lots more changes soon, as I'm determined to fix that sidebar!  Again, I'm really sorry that it's still a bit of a mess, you'll have to bear with me for the time being.

Catch you all soon.

Lotsaluv, Em

Friday, 29 April 2011

VAMPIRE BUNNY REVIEW: "Adaptation" by Chris Allinotte

 "Adaptation" by Chris Allinotte.  Appearing in Creepy Things: An Anthology of the Creepy-Crawly, Spooky & Silly.  Edited by Chris Bartholomew, published in Static Movement.  Pages 217-219.

4 Vampire Bunnies out of 5.

SYNOPSIS: After a successful invasion and colonisation of Mars, two scientiests explore the land, only to make a shocking dicovery.

Taken from a book of insect-themed horror, Allinotte's story fits exactly that theme but does it with style.  This is a short but sweet piece, the kind I like.  I must admit, I'm a bit of a lazy reader when it comes to anthologies: I read all the flash first then work my way up the the longest stories.  So this tale is precisely what I would have gone for first.  The build up to Allinotte's story gives the reader all the back story they need - humans obliterated the Martians after destroying their own planet.  Not an uncommon plot, but this tale gives the reader a fresher outcome than the movie-equivalents they may have come across.
Sorry, that was kind of overkill.  I want to talk about the insect aspect the most but it's kind of a spoiler alert.  Last chance to look away...Good, those of you who kept reading are in for a treat.  Allinotte's bugs are not the black shelled beetles or the winged green-fly but living precious gems.  The descriptions of them are wonderful and worth reading the story for in itself.  I absolutely loved this part of the tale.  I won't reveal what kind of antics they get up to but it's beautifully written and certainly made me glad I'd flicked to those pages where the story was hiding.
With this being such a short story there isn't much more I can say about it except that it is certainly one of the strongest pieces in this beastly collection.

THOUGHTS FROM THE RABBIT HOLE: A perfect example of flash fiction with a beatifully descriptive twist.  It'll make you afraid of your jewellery and healing crystals for good!

Visit the writer at: http://chrisallinotte.blogspot.com/.

Lotsaluv, Em

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Shadow People Update

Say What?!?!?!?  Is that Emma's novella in a book and on sale on Amazon now?  Indeedy it is!  The Shadow People is now available on Amazon. AAAAAAH!!!  Excited!  Even more exciting is the product description, which reads:

She turns her hands over. Once. Twice. On the third time she still can't see anything wrong with them. What had she done? She'd made the shadow disappear, for one thing. It's rather a relief to know that she can make them go away. But what had she done to make it go? What the hell was that stuff coming out of her hands? This is weird, even for Sarah. -excerpt from Glitter and Trauma by Emma Kathryn

I'm so over the moon with this.  This is going to be freakin' awesome.  As soon as the book hits Amazon.co.uk I'm throwing a Glasgow launch party for all my chums and co-horts.  Complete with Millie's cookie cake and all.  By then I'll do a full promotional blog about out, complete with an exclusive extract and soundtrack listing (I always write my stories to a soundtrack which I put together during the writing process).  This post will also include the posters that my mate Adam - of Ferocious Bloodaxe fame - is doing for me.  The stuff he's done for Bloodaxe has been ubercool so I'm extremely excited to see what he's going to come up with.

Anyway, I'm going to scoot now.  I'm far too excited!!!!  Eeeep!  Hope you're all ordering your copies right now!

Lotsaluv, Em

VAMPIREBUNNY REVIEW: "Agony of Being" by Tommy B. Smith

"Agony of Being" by Tommy B. Smith.  Appearing in Caught by Darkness: An Anthology of Dark Tales.  Edited by Chris Bartholomew, published by Static Movement. Pages 99-111.

4 Vampire Bunnies out of 5.

SYNOPSIS: Jack Redmond is shot in the head whilst defending a convenience store clerk.  During recovery, Jack begins to experience strange visions, nightmares and thoughts.  Meanwhile, a cop is going through his own kind of deja vu.  And Jack's wife, Julia, just wants her husband. to get better.  It's only a matter of time before the fates of these 3 characters collide.

The theme of Bartholomew's Caught by Darkness anthology is exactly what it says on the tin: dark events and dark characters caught up in them.  Smith's tale is precisely that.  It depicts a seemingly normal man, who only wanted some aspirin for a headache, being warped from the kind of hero who would take a bullet for a stranger into something dark and unrecognisable.  The characterisation is clever, with Julia in particular being a character whom the reader can come to genuinely care about.  I found a particular fondness for Julia and I think she shone in the end scene, which I won't spoil (I'll just tell you that it was my favourite bit!).  Similarly, the character of Robert Brennan is an interesting parallel to Jack's inner torment.  Overall, an intriguing tale which Smith described to me as a mix between psychological horror and cosmic horror and I can't find any better way of describing it myself.  The cosmic horror aspect of it does take a bit of thinking about and the philosophical elements aren't what I usually go for in a horror (I'm a trash and pulp gal), but this gives the story a literary angle which is often missing in more scare-hungry horror fiction.  What I particularly liked about the story was the structure.  It's set out in 3 clear sections, breaking up the longer-piece into 3 distinct chapters.  Each section focuses on a different character: Jack; Brennan; Julia.  This is what interested me the most.  The shift in focus kept the story fresh and meant that it didn't drag at all, which is something it could have done with it being a 12 page story amongst a collection of much shorter fiction (most of the stories in the collection are between about 3 and 7 pages with a few longer ones interspersed).

THOUGHTS FROM THE RABBIT HOLE:  A fast paced yet thought-provoking tale with a unique format.  A stand out piece in a dark and frightful collection.

Visit the writer online at http://www.tommybsmith.com/

Upcoming reviews: Sean Monaghan in The Shadow People and Dorothy Davies in Oil.  As soon as I get hold of those anthos I'll get these reviews up.

If you want your story to go through the above Bunny-critique drop me a line at emma_kathryn@etherealtales.co.uk with VAMPIREBUNNYREVIEW in the subject line.

Thank you to Tommy B. Smith for letting me read and review his fantastic story.

Lotsaluv, Em

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Short Story Reviews

Since I'm blogging to the max tonight, I thought I'd announce my new programme.  I'm going to do a short story review a week on here.  The first few I'll pick at random from various Static Movement anthologies (mostly the ones I've got a story in myself since those are the most I've got).  However, I'm also going to be taking requests.  So if you've got a story in a SM book and would like me to give you a solo review, drop me a line at:

Stick VAMPIREBUNNY REVIEW in the subject line and in the email, be sure to tell me what book your story appeared in, what it's called and your pen name and I'll do my best to get it read and write a review as soon as I can.  Feel free to also give me a link to your blog or website too!!!

Looking forward to this.  I'll post this on the publisher's forums, too, so you better get in fast!

Remember to put VAMPIREBUNNY REVIEW in the subject line or I WILL delete your email!!!  Can't wait folks!  Hope to hear from you all soon.

Lotsaluv, Em

Bunnies in your Inbox!


You can now get updates sent straight to your email!  Just jam your email in the box to the left and get an email update everytime I blog.  This is run by blogger, not me so I promise you will never get nonsensical crap from me.  Cross my heart and hope to die.

Have fun with that.  Make sure and sign up today!!!!!  Especially with my novella coming out soon.  You'll get the info first!!!

Lotsaluv, Em

Author Central Sales Figures

Just been on my authorcentral account on Amazon.com and seems the kindle editions are selling pretty well!  Apparantly, Pandora's Nightmare: Horror Unleashed (An Anthology) went up 101,188 ranks today, meaning that it is now #86,835 in the Amazon kindle store, which is actually pretty damn good if you remember that there's like 800,000 kindle books listed on there.  I'm really proud of this considering that this was the first anthology that I ever held in my hand which had one of my stories in it.  Dark Things also does pretty well these days, with a copy sold last week XD  So looks like my stories "Death and the Maiden" and "Watching Shadows" seem to be my most read stories at the moment.  The kindle editions seem to be the way to go.  It's a shame because I love a real book, but more kindle editions seem to sell than paperbacks.

Ah well, I ain't complainin'!

Just thought I'd share my excitement!

Lotsaluv, Em

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Ello bunnies.  Even more updates.  Another 2 stories were accepted by Dorothy Davies today.  "The Captain and the Hourglass" into Tales of Salt and Sorrow and "Lighting the Way (Between the Shadows)" into Grim Fairy Tales.  Awesome still - "Second Hand Faith" has been accepted into Wicked Witchery, a Static Movement anthology edited by Naomi Clark.  Really pleased about this lot.  "Second Hand Faith" is a Vahro tale, based around the characters in my Heart of the Dragon novel, which I will one day finish.  Love the character of Aemaea and this story will see her publishing debut.

Apologies for the lack of covers on this post, but I'm working from K Bargie's PC so can't fill his hard drive with pretty pictures (oh that will change when we move in together!).

When I get home over the weekend, I'll upload to the max and send off my contracts to all these lovely editors.

Still ridiculously excited about the novella acceptance.  Will do a post all about it one day next week.

Lotsaluv, Em

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Exciting News

Alright, I know I'm not as frequent a blogger as I used to be but today there's some rather juicy news.

First of all, my story "Syrup" has been accepted into Static Movement's Carnival anthology, which is being edited by Dorothy Davies.  Wrote this story kind of on the hop at work over the weekend so it was great to find it a home so quickly!  Going to be a very creepy book, methinks.

Cover above *points up*.  As I said, going to be very creepy.

However, the BIG news is about my novella, "Glitter and Trauma", which I'm sure you all remember me toiling over last summer/autumn.  Well, it will be making its debut in Static Movement's anthology The Shadow People!  Eeeeeek!!!  So pleased with this.  It's one of those projects that I'm really proud of so I'm so chuffed to see it get into a book.  Chris Bartholomew is editing this one and she's such a gem to look at the novella in the first place so I'm extremely grateful for this acceptance.

Awesome cover.  Love it.  The story, in case I haven't told you before, is about a woman who fights shadow creatures and is trying to find a partner to help her, but when she does find one, she isn't what she expected.  Will update more on this as the book progresses, but I'm so excited.  Eeeek!!!!!

Smiley faces all round for a change!

Lotsaluv, Em

Friday, 18 March 2011


Ello bunnies...

Been craaaazy busy lately.  Just finished another school placement and have yet to spend the day sleeping.  Straight back to l'universita and am soooo tired.

Anyway, the news...

I've got a new project underway.  Iain Pattison and Brianna Stoddard and I are working on a novella collection.  Mine is untitled at the moment but is a sort of parallel universe tale where a girl seeks a fantasy world to escape from her real life troubles.  Have gotten a good start underway and can't wait til the spring break when I can blitz it.  This will be great fun to do and I can't wait to see what Brianna and Iain come up with.  Going to be awesome.  Watch this space bunnies.

In sadder news, the novella collection I did with Jason Barney and David Perlmutter was knocked back.  This means my novella "Glitter and Trauma" is without a home. :(  Fingers crossed I find somewhere for it eventually.

Have to run now because I'm working tomorrow *emo cry*

Oh yeah, should have a new FEROCIOUS BLOODAXE 2 teaser trailer up soon!!!  Eeeek!  The boys are back in town!

Farewell dear bunnies.

Lotsaluv, Em

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Wendy and her Watcher

Review for Dark Things at horrornews.net.  One of those fun, full-detail numbers that writes a nice wee paragraph about each story.  Thoroughly exciting seeing my name on a horror site review.  Made me look something like this XD

Here's my little extract:

“Watching Shadows” by Emma Kathryn is a take off on the character of Wendy from Peter Pan. This story, however, is not the fun trip to Neverland that Wendy experiences in Peter Pan; no this story is about the dark shadow tapping at her window late at night. What does this shadow want? Is the shadow friend or foe? These are questions Wendy wonders as she contemplates letting the shadow into her room. This story was an interesting take off on the Peter Pan story and we realize that not all fairy tales have happy endings.

The full review of the rest of the book can be found at the link above.  I better beat it now because I've got a ridiculous amount of work to do.  Just thought I'd keep you all posted.

On that note, I've had another story accepted for Static Movement's Ruby Red Cravings.  This is another new vampire tale, this one called "Last of the Wilds".  So if you're a fan of my vampire stuff, this anthology is a must-read!!!

Bysie bye my fair bloody bunnies.

Lotsaluv, Em

Sunday, 20 February 2011

New Vampire Tale

I know I posted earlier, nut I might as well post while I can.

Totally forgot to say that my story "Northern Winds" will be appearing in Static Movement's Ruby Red Cravings (cover below).  Very excited about this.  It's another piece from my "Flashes Before her Eyes" vampire series.  Should be a fantastic book.  Can't wait to see it!!!

If I get the chance, I'll submit another story to this.  Fingers crossed!!!!

Bad news: my novella "Glitter and Trauma" was knocked back.  However, I'm not going to give up and am going to adapt this into an actual novel.  It's a superhero/dark fantasy number so let's hope some publisher fancies it this time round.

Nighty night bunnies.

Lotsaluv, Em

Saturday, 19 February 2011

"The Harvest" Update

Ello bunnies,

Very quick update, while I enjoy a well-deserved cup of tea.  Mmmmm...

Seasons in the Abyss, published by Blood Bound Books, is now on sale.  This features my story "The Harvest", which is featured in the Fall section of the book.  It's a story I'm pretty pleased with and am glad to see in print.  The book is bargain at $13.99 for 77 (yup, 77!) spooky seasonal stories.  I'm going to order my copy now, and so should you!  Grab it here!

Seasons in the Abyss

I'm going to go rest my brain now and finish my tea.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I certainly will as it's my first weekend off in months!!!!

Ooooh, almost forgot, my copies of Creepy Things: An Anthology of the Creepy-Crawly, Spooky & Silly and Dark Romance from the Far Side arrived last week.  Freakin' awesome.  Two of my favourite stories, for sure.

Anyway, going to watch Moulin Rouge on blu-ray AT LAST!  Beauty, freedom, truth and love!

Lotsaluv, Em

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Behold, excitement and smilies.  Great review for Dark Romance from the Far Side on Amazon.  Check it here.  Or below, where I'm pasting my favourite bit! XD

Blood, Bones, and Bowie by Emma Kathryn is a quirky vampire story that takes you on a musical trip around the world with Ziggy and his Lady. Like Megan's Tattoo, this one ends tragically, but Kathryn's lovely, simple prose makes this a poignant story, definitely one of my favourites.

Eeeep!!!  Very please with this.  Biscuits and fairy cakes for that lovely reviewer.  It's a great book, folks, I recommend getting hold of it as soon as possible.

In other news, I've been managing to get tini tiny bits of writing done lately.  I mean tini tiny, but it's a start.  I don't have much time these days but I'm doing my best to get stuff sent out.  The novella got a knockback, but I'm not going to give up on it.  When I get some time off, I might turn it into a novel, or put it with some other novellas.  We'll see.

Anywho, my short story collection, "Love Bites and Fatal Wounds" is currently sitting in a publisher's inbox, so fingers crossed on that one.  I'll keep you all posted and I'm sorry I've been so out of touch.  Won't be long before I'm back to normal, bunnies.

Until the next time...

Lotsaluv, Em

Friday, 28 January 2011

Back at Last

Hello again, kindly fellows. Been a while hasn't it? I could piss and moan about how busy I've been, but that's not why I've got this blog so I'm going to get right onto the writing.

In super-amazing-exciting news, Daily Flashes of Erotica Quarterly (January - March 2011), has received a freakin' awesome review on Amazon:

I loved it. It was a wonderful mixture of stories. My favorites were "Dark Things" by Emma Kathryn, "Inspired by the storm" by Perverted Imp, "Goddess Dream" by Jessica Weiss, "The Stripper" by Rebecca Brown, and "Teenage Nymphos do Paris" by Breanna Lewis. I finished the book in two nights it was so good!

How coolio is that?!?!?!?!  "Dark Things" is a story I'm really pleased about but this made me even happier about it.  I'm going to order my copy this week and I implore you to do the same!!!!  Aha!

Also, I've updated all my nice cover links on the left here.  Basically, to save me putting it all on blog posts, but it's there anyway.  Have fun clicking away.  Notice that my "Upcoming" list has dwindled to next to nothing, but once my next placement is over, I'll do my best to get some stuff out.  I'm going to try and send some stuff off today, hopefully, so we'll see how it goes.

Still waiting for news on the novella front.  Can't wait to hear what the decision is.  I'm also planning a collection of my published short stories, but there will be news on that later.  And finally, I'm trying to write a young adult novel called "Wolfsbane".  Unfortunately, I don't have much time to write these days, so I've been scrawling little bits on tinitiny notepads that I hide in my pockets.

Anyway, that's all folks, I'm going to go see what I can come up with.  Miss you all.  Totally missing being on the forums, too.  Hope you're all doing okay dokay and have smiley faces.

Ta-ra bunnies.

Lotsaluv, Em