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Friday, 10 June 2011

New Project!

Noticed post over at Wicked East Press advertising an open call for single author collections and now that I'm finished with uni, this is my new main focus.  Eeeeep!

My collection is entitled "Simple Twists of Fate" (a spin on my fave Bob Dylan song) and it's shaping up goooooooood so far.  Just finished collating the reprints that will be included and they finish up at 30,000.  I'm aiming to hit 90-95,000 in total, so that should give you an idea of how much brand new material will be crammed into this tasty feast of fiction!

Reprints featured are:

Chasing Rabbits (Daily Bites of Flesh)
Death and the Maiden (Pandora's Nightmare)
Another Girl’s Paradise(Daily Flash)
Time (Daily Flash)
Clowns All Around You (Dusted)
Starry Eyed (Moon Washed Kisses)
Dark Wings (Daily Erotica)
Pride and Joy (Flash!)
The Hunt (Howl)
Loss (Cedar Chest)
Glitter and Trauma (The Shadow People)
Moth Touch (Creepy Things)

I'm pretty certain that I won't use any more reprints other than these.  Glitter and Trauma takes up the bulk of it but it's mostly flash as you can see.  Very excited about the new pieces.  Got about 3 or 4 to type up tomorrow and once I get to work on Saturday, I know I've got a notepad in there with a few pieces in it too.  Should be awesome!!!

As with my vampire collection that I wrote before, I'm doing this in a NaNoWriMo format, writing as many words as possible every day and then I'll get to the editing process later.  Determined to come up with at least 60-65,000 words of brand new fiction.  At the end of every post throughout the next month, I'll stick a progress count so that you can keep up to date with the collection.

I'm also aware that I owe about 3 reviews.  Will have at least 1 of these up by tomorrow morning, I promise!

Wish me luck, bunnies!!!!

Lotsaluv, Em

Current word count on new stories: 9,641 words :-) Fair start.

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