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Friday, 10 June 2011

REVIEW: "Tiny Grave" by Sean Monaghan

"Tiny Graves" by Sean Monaghan, appearing inThe Shadow People edited by Chris Bartholomew. Published by Static Movement.

4 bunnies out of 5.

SYNOPSIS: A businessman's family are being tormented while he is away on business.

What a great story. Really loved this. Totally gutted that I didn't have the chance to review this sooner. Apologies. Anywho, "Tiny Graves" is a perfect fit in this anthology of shadowy tales. Fantastic build-up and a convincing little family that the reader genuinely worry for as the story progresses. Both kids are likeable while the mother instantly gave me a curious buzz of warning.

A great touch to this tale is the fact that the main bulk of the terror takes place on the other end of the telephone. Louis has to listen to the frightning events on the phone which is without a doubt the scariest element in the whole story. The reader goes through exactly the same as Louis; missing parts of the action and being left out of the loop. Brilliant technique. Applause for Monaghan on this. Loved this.

The only thing that lets this piece down is that I feel that it's over too quick. With such a lengthy build-up and dramatic indirect action, I feel that the come-down could have been a bit more drawn out. Can't say much without spoiling the ending but I would happily have read about another 1000 words of "Tiny Graves".

Thoughts from the rabbit hole: Likeable characters and a fantastically well-constructed tale. Just wish there was more of it!!!

Well done Sean!

Lotsaluv, Em

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