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Monday, 24 September 2012

Imagination Will be the Death of You...

So, I think my imagination's gotten a little away from me.  This morning (September Weekend and up nice and bright and early), I curled up with some headphones on, Amanda Palmer's new album blaring, and a glass of OJ to hand, and attempted to plot out all of the ideas that @UnknownMaleDOA and I had come up with so far.

2 hours later, I had enough material for nearly 20 issues of - what has now come to be known as  - "The Glitter and the Trauma".  Holy crap, when did this project get so huge?!  I'm extremely psyched that it's going so well and overwhelmed but just how much we've got to work with.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to start a wee video blog on here and, hopefully, by the end of the year, I'll have a website up and running for the project.  Until then, please make here and my Twitter Page your first port of call on all Illuminator news.

Issue #1 is well under way and there are a few posters lurking around Twitter, too, so keep an eye out and, for a little sneak peek, here's a wicked poster by Pablo.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter and show your support for the man who gave Sarah and Ellie faces (and, well, other body parts too in the case of his current Twitter background!).


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Mission Accomplished

"Glitter by Gaslight" is now complete.  Check it out under the Glitter and Trauma tab and let me know what you think in the comments box below.

Thanks for this weekend, guys!


Tired Not Lazy

Quick post, guys.

As you will see, only half of "Glitter by Gaslight: Part III" is up on the Glitter and Trauma page.  This is purely because I'm totally shattered.  Sorry folks, but you will just have to wait a couple of hours for the epic, steampunky, Victorian conclusion.

Thank you for all your support this weekend.  Let me know what you think of both the novella and the new short story.

Not long now...


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Been There, Done That, Got the FREAKING AWESOME T-SHIRT

Can't believe how long it's taken me to do this post, but I guess it's appropriate this weekend.  Anyway, exciting announcement...

Thanks to @deadbunneh, you can now get this awesome and exclusive Glitter and Trauma t-shirt!

I freaking love this.  It's a fantastic piece by a fantastic artist and I really feel that you should grab this tee while you can.  I've already got mine and wear it so often that it has tried to crawl off me on more than one occasion.  Ewww, that made me sound minging.  The point is that I love my tee and am extremely thankful for such an flattering and brilliant interpretation of my work.

So, here's a wee pic of me wearing it.  I'll warn you, I'm afraid that all the comics behind me are not mine.  I was actually standing in Forbidden Planet...at the Batman section...because I'm that cool.

Anyway, get your tee and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Glitter by Gaslight Part II

Morning Internet!

As you can see from the above tab, the second part of the Glitter and Trauma special is now live.  If you haven't read Part I, make sure you check that out first (duh), but hopefully you'll love this one.

In Part I we saw a Victorian-era Ellie lunching with her best friends and awaiting her upcoming marriage proposal.  However, expect shadowy hi-jinx and chaos as we see our first ever steampunk-style shadow.  This chapter was ridiculously good fun to write and I hope you have as much fun reading, too.

Part II reveals Sarah's life on the shadier side of town.  I don't want to give too much away as I think you'll like what I've done with her.  Anyway, what I can tell you is that in today's chapter, you'll see Sarah, Leech and Patch, with Leech and Patch finally getting to exchange some testosterone fuelled words!  Yay!

Part III will arrive tomorrow and should be a big one.  I'm saying nothing XD

Anyway, happy Saturday folks.  Remember to pick up your free copy of the novella, too.  Links at the top of the posts bar.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Glitter by Gaslight

Welcome to Day 1 of the big Glitter and Trauma event!!!

To celebrate hitting 1,000 followers, I am holding my biggest Glitter and Trauma promotion so far.  Not only is the novella free all weekend (UKUSGermanyItalySpainFrance) but if you click the "Glitter and Trauma" tab up top, you'll find a lovely present, just for you.  Yes... you!

However, there's a twist...

You will only find the first part of the gift tonight.  This is Part 1 of 3.  For part 2, you will have to come back tomorrow.  And on Sunday for part 3.


I'm so evil!  Repeat visits!  Aha!  What a plan!  See you tomorrow, guys.  Enjoy your free story and free copy of G&T.  Happy Friday.


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Glitter and Trauma Event

Hello lovely visitor,

It's highly likely you came by here via my Twitter page.  If you did, thank you very much.  If you didn't, well, hello anyway!

As a huge thank you to all my followers who helped me exceed the beautiful number that is 1,000, this weekend (7th-9th September) I will be holding a totally free Glitter and Trauma event right here on this blog.  This will involve the following:

  • A brand new and exclusive Glitter and Trauma short story - a never-before-seen 3 part tale that will turn the Glitter and Trauma universe, as you know it, on its head.
  • Glitter and Trauma (the original novella) will be listed as free on all Amazon sites for those 3 days.
  • A sneak peak into the art of Glitter and Trauma: the comic.
  • New and exclusive art from the illustrator of Glitter and Trauma: the Comic.
Apologies for being rather secretive about what the new story will be about and the lack of detail on the comics, but stay tuned and be patient.  This weekend is gonnae be AWESOME!!!