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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Been There, Done That, Got the FREAKING AWESOME T-SHIRT

Can't believe how long it's taken me to do this post, but I guess it's appropriate this weekend.  Anyway, exciting announcement...

Thanks to @deadbunneh, you can now get this awesome and exclusive Glitter and Trauma t-shirt!

I freaking love this.  It's a fantastic piece by a fantastic artist and I really feel that you should grab this tee while you can.  I've already got mine and wear it so often that it has tried to crawl off me on more than one occasion.  Ewww, that made me sound minging.  The point is that I love my tee and am extremely thankful for such an flattering and brilliant interpretation of my work.

So, here's a wee pic of me wearing it.  I'll warn you, I'm afraid that all the comics behind me are not mine.  I was actually standing in Forbidden Planet...at the Batman section...because I'm that cool.

Anyway, get your tee and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. Cool T-shirt! Look forward to exploring your blog.