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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Revamping the Vampire Bunny Part Two

Have revamped the blog yet again.  This isn't just me being an ass.  I'm afraid it's been because Blogger has had a revamp and mucked a few things up.  Comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated.  Love how this looks on the mobile site.  Very awesome.

Let me know!


Monday, 23 April 2012

Get Glitter and Trauma for Free!

Happy World Book Night and Merry Shakespeare Day!

To celebrate both of these fantastic occasions, for one day only, "Glitter and Trauma" is free on Amazon!  Get it while it's hot, bunnies!  Download it in the UK here and the USA here.  At the moment, it's sitting at #36 in the contemporary fantasy chart and #79 in the horror chart.  Freaking awesome if you ask me.

So, have an awesome world book night with a free eBook.  Download Glitter and Trauma now!

Happy Birthday Shakespeare, I'm sure you're getting pissed in the afterlife somewhere and having a great time.


Guest Writer: Silvana Rimabau

As part of my new Guest Writer Series, Argentinian writer Silvana Rimabau graces the rabbit hole with her tale "Soul in My Hands"

I remember being close to the fireplace and stay worshiping the burning flames that tempered my face as bursts of passion. Those orange tongues licking the wood like a wild and helpful lover, while you, across the room and sheltered by the darkness, were serene, resting your arms on your chest.

I walked away from heat, the fire that warmed my frozen body and I saw calm, staring absently into nothingness and sunk into the mists of silence. And I did not know what to do, what to say because my chest contracted the grief in a single rattle, clean and bitter; a simple and savage agony at once; silent and stiff as your lips, so foreign to my tears. I sat next to you and closed my eyes imploring the gods to stop time to sort the words that flowed from my mouth crazy in an orgy of inconsistencies, the reality of nonsense, insults to the truth. I remember I cried and cried. I emptied my conscience releasing those despicable acts accumulated for so long and that smeared our world, our lives.

When at last, my soul felt peace, free from dirt and reproaches, when the noose hanging over my head was gone, I realized that my confessions had been in vain. And tired of trying to express the pain that consumed my heart, since those vile words did not contain the meaning of my sorrows and your face remained unchanged, I stopped. Hours passed and I saw how you fell surrendered to sleep and stepped over me, releasing my hand, my soul and my life ... leaving me lost in the void of oblivion, leaving me full of sadness.. waiting for your awakening and ignorant of mine would never happen.

A huge big thank you to Sil for letting me post this story up.  A gorgeous piece of writing.  Be sure to catch Sil on Twitter @Crue_Girl5.  Looking forward to seeing more fantastic horror writers to fill upcoming spots in the Guest Writer Series.

Thanks Sil.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Of Fan Fiction and Digital Reading...

First up, Glitter and Trauma is coming along nicely.  Still selling, slowly but still selling.  If you haven't read it yet, be sure to give it a try.  It would be great if anyone who has read it could leave a review.  I'd really appreciate that.

Downloaded a few eBooks on my iPod to support indie writers.  It's damn hard this whole self-publishing thing.  Never realised that until now.  Am going to ensure from now on that I put up reviews of books I read, too.  So over the next week I will be putting up reviews for the variety of Pill Hill and Static Movement books I've read over the past 2 years and never reviewed.  I feel a bit evil now.  Please review the books you read, folks.  The writers, editors and publishers need your support!

In other news, I've started dabbling in fan fiction.  Some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and DC nonsense.  Will try to put some online soon.  Fingers crossed it goes down well!

Better run now.  True Blood marathon!  Yaaaaay!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Blogging on the Bus... Ridiculously Early

I hate that I get up when there are people posting "Off to bed now, night!" on their Twitter feeds. It's crap. But at least I can...oh yes, you guessed it...Blog on the Bus!

"Glitter and Trauma" is doing pretty well on its first week out in the world. 8 copies have now been sold and I'm really pleased with that. Hopefully the weekend will only see that figure rise. I've been pimping it out on Twitter like crazy but it seems to be working. Oops, that's my stop!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tweet Tweet

So "Glitter and Trauma" has now sold 3 copies.  It's getting there slowly, but there is also a review up on Amazon.co.uk, which is a great start.  On that note, when you visit my UK Author Page, "Glitter and Trauma" turns up as my currently best selling book so squeeee!

Remember that you can catch me on Twitter for more frequent updates and nonsense.  Oh I talk a lot of nonsense there.  But fun nonsense, too.  I am also now on Gothise.com, being the big goth that I am.  Same as Twitter, I'm girlofgotham if you're looking for me there.

Have started writing a new story for submitting to Wicked East Press' "Dark Finds".  Not saying much at the moment, but I'm pleased so far.  Fingers crossed it goes well.

A wee reminder that Carnival, edited by Dorothy Davies and published by Static Movement, is now up on Amazon.com.  So excited to make the lead story on this one.  It's the first time I've been published in an anthology where I've been listed as the main author on Amazon.  Ridiculously awesome and I've been badgering anyone who will listen about it.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Blog on a Bus

I am indeed blogging from a bus. Revolutionary, I know. Maybe I might start a trend. Intriguing.

To other folk onboard, like the wee old man to my left and the school kids, it appears as if I am just enjoying an awesome playlist of Marilyn Manson, Apocalyptica and Shinedown but I am secretly blogging away. Ahahahaha. Maniacal laugh.

And now for something completely different...

Fair start for "Glitter and Trauma" on it Kindle launch yesterday. 2 copies sold. Booyah. It hit #12,000 in the Kindle chart too. That may sound a bit pants but if you consider the fact that there are over 1,200,000 Kindle eBooks available, that's kind of impressive. Or so I have convinced myself.

So, let's try to get my ranking a bit higher, bunnies. Jump onto Amazon and download a copy of "Glitter and Trauma" for your Kindle, Windows Live phone, iPhone, iPod or strange tablet-y device.

Guy next to me is blasting some terrible music. Apparently there are down sides to blogging on the bus. Ah well.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Glitter and Trauma is now a Kindle eBook!

At last, Glitter and Trauma is available as a Kindle eBook!  Yaaaaaaay!  Catch it for a meagre $3.09 if you're in the USA, or for £1.95 in the UK, or for a wicked 2,68€ in FranceGermanyItaly or Spain.  Way too exciting seeing it available in all these awesome countries.

If you do download the novella, please be sure to review it and hit the "like" button if you actually enjoyed it (or the "mi piace" button if you're in Italy - how awesome is that?!).  Please feel free to share this blog post on your own blog, Facebook page, or Twitter.  Please, spread the Shadows!

Also, comments are more than welcome on this page too.  So excited!  Catch more frequent updates on my Twitter page @girlofgotham.  I'm fond of following back and I like to chat about short stories, books and upcoming writing projects.

Thank you to all my lovely followers and fellow Vampire Bunnies who have been sticking around since my early days on Elfwood.com.  You are all freaking awesome and this novella is for you...

Yes, you!

Lotsaluv, Em