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Monday, 23 April 2012

Guest Writer: Silvana Rimabau

As part of my new Guest Writer Series, Argentinian writer Silvana Rimabau graces the rabbit hole with her tale "Soul in My Hands"

I remember being close to the fireplace and stay worshiping the burning flames that tempered my face as bursts of passion. Those orange tongues licking the wood like a wild and helpful lover, while you, across the room and sheltered by the darkness, were serene, resting your arms on your chest.

I walked away from heat, the fire that warmed my frozen body and I saw calm, staring absently into nothingness and sunk into the mists of silence. And I did not know what to do, what to say because my chest contracted the grief in a single rattle, clean and bitter; a simple and savage agony at once; silent and stiff as your lips, so foreign to my tears. I sat next to you and closed my eyes imploring the gods to stop time to sort the words that flowed from my mouth crazy in an orgy of inconsistencies, the reality of nonsense, insults to the truth. I remember I cried and cried. I emptied my conscience releasing those despicable acts accumulated for so long and that smeared our world, our lives.

When at last, my soul felt peace, free from dirt and reproaches, when the noose hanging over my head was gone, I realized that my confessions had been in vain. And tired of trying to express the pain that consumed my heart, since those vile words did not contain the meaning of my sorrows and your face remained unchanged, I stopped. Hours passed and I saw how you fell surrendered to sleep and stepped over me, releasing my hand, my soul and my life ... leaving me lost in the void of oblivion, leaving me full of sadness.. waiting for your awakening and ignorant of mine would never happen.

A huge big thank you to Sil for letting me post this story up.  A gorgeous piece of writing.  Be sure to catch Sil on Twitter @Crue_Girl5.  Looking forward to seeing more fantastic horror writers to fill upcoming spots in the Guest Writer Series.

Thanks Sil.


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