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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

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So "Glitter and Trauma" has now sold 3 copies.  It's getting there slowly, but there is also a review up on Amazon.co.uk, which is a great start.  On that note, when you visit my UK Author Page, "Glitter and Trauma" turns up as my currently best selling book so squeeee!

Remember that you can catch me on Twitter for more frequent updates and nonsense.  Oh I talk a lot of nonsense there.  But fun nonsense, too.  I am also now on Gothise.com, being the big goth that I am.  Same as Twitter, I'm girlofgotham if you're looking for me there.

Have started writing a new story for submitting to Wicked East Press' "Dark Finds".  Not saying much at the moment, but I'm pleased so far.  Fingers crossed it goes well.

A wee reminder that Carnival, edited by Dorothy Davies and published by Static Movement, is now up on Amazon.com.  So excited to make the lead story on this one.  It's the first time I've been published in an anthology where I've been listed as the main author on Amazon.  Ridiculously awesome and I've been badgering anyone who will listen about it.

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