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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Of Stepford Wives and Strange Devices

Beautiful day.  Sitting in the kitchen typing this as the sun streams in through the French doors.  Unfortunately, they are firmly shut and locked as the dog is being a little shit and keeps barking at the kids playing in the lane beside my garden.  Shall attempt to ignore him but he's a bloody pest.

Typing up the last story for "Simple Twists of Fate" right now.  Then it's on to the final edit.  Really excited.  Tomorrow is going to be a total work-a-thon and I'm just going to blitz this book.  All of the stories need a read-through and tidy up but "Swampblood" needs a lot of work.  I suspect that is what'll eat up most of my attention and time.  Not long now though.  Want to have my sample stories ready to go by the end of the week so fingers crossed.

In other news, K Bargie and I got our wee flat :)  Sooooooooo happy!  Not sure quite when we move in yet but I'll keep you posted.  The down side to this is that I'll be without internet access for a while so blog posts may be few and far between throughout August.  However, a couple of my fave pubs do free wifi so I may just drag my laptop into either of those.

While I type this I can hear K upstairs, faffing about with my guitar.  He's in the process of teaching himself "Let her Dance", which is the closing track of "Fantastic Mr Fox" - a film he loves to a stupid degree.  I'm going to attempt to make a pecan pie for him today.  What has become of me?  Moving in with a man-creature and baking him pies?!  What would the Pankhursts say?

Anyway, I better get back to this story.  And apologies to Paul and Andy, whom I left a very daft post about on Thursday night.  If you didn't see it guys, it was just very dopey - praising Paul's blog and describing Andy reading a Charlotte Roche book to my dog.  Cocktails and the internet DO NOT mix well!  Swiftly deleted this.  Hope you both don't mind!

Got to go now and enjoy the rest of this bright Sunday.  Have a good one, bunnies!

Lotsaluv, Em

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