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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My brain hurts.

Right now K Bargie is reading me part of a report he is writing at the moment.  He is doing a PhD in something I don't understand.  Of the two sentences he just read out to me, I can repeat none of it as that is how much of it my brain actually processed.  Oh hell.

In other news, it's taken me a while to report this, but I finally have the chance to do so.  The following books have been released over the past two months by Static Movement and feature some of my stories:

Ruby Red Cravings, edited by the awesome Brianna Stoddard, is now available to purchase and has two stories from my "Flashes Before her Eyes" vampire series.  "Northern Winds" (Viking vampires-say what?!) and "Last of the Wilds" which involves my vampire having an erotic encounter with a lesbian tree.  Oh yes, you read that right!

Two Naomi Clark anthologies, the first being Serve in Heaven, Reign in Hell, an anthology of angels and demons.  Here you can find my flash piece "Strings" about angelic puppets.  I really like this wee piece.  I wrote it while skulking in one of the galleries at work one Saturday afternoon.  Might add it into "Simple Twists of Fate".

Wicked Witchery is a very recent release.  It's available on the Pill Hill Shoppe at the moment and should be up for sale on Amazon very soon.  It's got a page on Amazon just no purchase info as of yet.  This book contains "Second Hand Faith" which is a daft wee prequel to the fantasy novel I've been working on since the day I turned 16 (shit you not).  I love these characters and it'll be brilliant to see them in print.

As K Bargie has stopped talking about transnationalism and cultural identity (far too heavy for discussion on such a sunny day) I am going to leave you all now with a final thought.  Adam (of Ferocious Bloodaxe fame) who did the awesome posters for The Shadow People has begun work on a cover for Simple Twists of Fate.  Can't wait to see it!!!!!

Here comes the sun, do-doop-do-doo.

Lotsaluv, Em

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