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Thursday, 7 April 2011


Ello bunnies.  Even more updates.  Another 2 stories were accepted by Dorothy Davies today.  "The Captain and the Hourglass" into Tales of Salt and Sorrow and "Lighting the Way (Between the Shadows)" into Grim Fairy Tales.  Awesome still - "Second Hand Faith" has been accepted into Wicked Witchery, a Static Movement anthology edited by Naomi Clark.  Really pleased about this lot.  "Second Hand Faith" is a Vahro tale, based around the characters in my Heart of the Dragon novel, which I will one day finish.  Love the character of Aemaea and this story will see her publishing debut.

Apologies for the lack of covers on this post, but I'm working from K Bargie's PC so can't fill his hard drive with pretty pictures (oh that will change when we move in together!).

When I get home over the weekend, I'll upload to the max and send off my contracts to all these lovely editors.

Still ridiculously excited about the novella acceptance.  Will do a post all about it one day next week.

Lotsaluv, Em

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