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Saturday, 18 September 2010

And the Nominee is...

Behold, fair readers, the Vampire Bunny has been nominated for a Creative Bloggers Award.  Yarsh indeed.

Chris Allinotte, aka from this moment on as THE NOMINATOR, threw this my way and I very much appreciate the thought.  There are two parts to this award: Part A) I must give 6 funky lies and 1 weird truth, or 6 weird truths and 1 funky lie and it's up to you lot what's what. Part B) is that I must nominate another 5 folk, who I'll list below:

1 - Kelley Nicol...Where the Dark Things Go
2 - Pixie J. King...The Works of Pixie J. King
3 - Ellie Garratt
4 - Matt Nord...My Undead Brain
5 - Alva J. Roberts...The Guy Who Wrote That Thing

Wow, I hope those links work!  They are 5 pretty cool people, who I really think need high fives for their blogs and their work.

Now onto my bit!!! 6 lies and 1 truth or 6 truths and 1 lie????  Who knows?!?!?!?!?

1 - I have seen Repo! The Genetic Opera at least 100 times.
2 - I hand-made a Harley Quinn costume one Halloween and nobody knew who I was.
3 - I once played a crazed fan in a film about a band who had no music.
4 - I have a hamster called Coraline.
5 - I have a scar on my eyeball and sometimes, when I'm really tired, I can see it everywhere I look.
6 - I'm an avid baker and make cupcakes, cookies, biscuits and peppermint cremes all the time.
7 - I'm allergic to lavender.

Hmmmmm...what do you peeps think???  Go check out the above blogs, including that belonging to Chris, THE NOMINATOR!!!!

Lotsaluv, Em


  1. Awww thanks for the nomination, Emma! Wow...
    What do we have to do exactly?

  2. I'm not too sure!!! I just followed Chris Allinotte's lead!

    Lotsaluv, Em

  3. LOL! So...do I do the same and nominate people? Where would it end?
    Confusing much...

    Pixie x

  4. Thanks for the nomination and i guess i will just continue your lead and we will see what happens :)

  5. I don't really think it's meant to end. Seems to me to be ablogger to blogger pat on the back kind of thing! Anyway it gave me the smilies and I got to high five some great writers!!!

    Keep blogging folks!

    Lotsaluv, Em

  6. Hi Emma,

    You've read it right, as far as I can tell - and thanks for being glad rather than PO'd that the prize came with work to do. :)

    And while I've become more familiar with your work recently, it's really recent - so this is just a guess ... the baking is B.S.?

  7. Lol, nah it was fun.

    WRONG!!!! I made piratey cutthroat cupcakes last night!!!

    Lotsaluv, Em

  8. Thank you for the nominaton, Emma! Now as to your lies and truths, I think they are all truths except for number one?!

  9. WRONG!!! I even went to a Q+A with the director + creator.

    Ps.......there is no way you've seen Bowie 34 times!!! If you have you're my new hero.

    Lotsaluv, Em

  10. Wow. 100 times! I'm flummoxed - number 3?

    You are right about Bowie; I've only seen him three times. But each time I did, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

    So, the question is are the others on my list lies or truths?!

  11. I am thrilled and honoured to be nominated for this! Thanks Emma! No, get to work on a story for one of the open anthologies for NorGus Press!

  12. Hi Emma, just wanted to say thanks! Happy writing!