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Sunday, 4 November 2012

I'm Such a Tease...

Since NaNoWriMo is now well under way, I thought I'd just toy with you all a little by posting my novel's prologue. The character featured in this has undergone a major overhaul since I created her in 2004.  Now she is hard, tough and more than just a little damaged.  I freaking love her.  Anyway, enjoy.

And I wish all NaNo participants the best in their monthly write-a-thon.

5,051 words.

Somewhere in the Southern Realms…

A sign, nailed to a wall outside a tavern of very questionable reputation:


For murder, resisting arrest, assault on royal guards, high treason and witchcraft!

Short in height, slender in build.  Long, black hair, unruly in appearance.  Distinguishing features: black eyes and a prominent scar on upper lip.  Often seen dressed in men’s attire.

Here could be seen an artist’s impression of the bust and head of the criminal.  Wild, dark hair floated around a thin face; high cheekbones; furrowed brows over black orbs for eyes; and a wicked, almost malicious, smile split down the left with a ragged and hideous scar.

This woman is highly dangerous and no attempt should be made to restrain her by members of the public.  She has killed before and has harmed several royal guards.  Instead, all sightings and incidents should be reported to Queen Layith of Theorosana, or to the head of her personal guard, Lady Falienne.

Co-operation will be rewarded handsomely.

By royal order of the King and Queen of Theorosana.

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