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Friday, 27 August 2010

Some Delayed Details...

Okay dokay, I know it's been yonks since some of these stories were accepted, but I'm just updating the blog and keeping you peeps in the know!

My story "Presence" was accepted into Static Movement's Ghosts and Demons, which I think should be appearing soon.  Fingers crossed.

"When the World Ends" is an extremely short, cootchy little piece which will be appearing in Static Movement's Cosmic Catastrophes.

Another acceptance came in the shape of Pill Hill Press' Dark Things, which will be featuring my story "Watching Shadows", another part of my Flashes Before Her Eyes series.  This is my vampire series, for those of you who haven't come across these stories before.

In other news, Lame Goat have gone and done it again.  Some published anthologies and a chapbook are going to be discontinued for God knows what reasons.  Howl: Tales of the Feral and Infernal - the home of my story "The Hunt" - is one of those to be terminated.  Boooooooo!  But, hazzah, Mark Crittenden has saved the day and is going to revamp Howl, keeping a select few from the original and opening up to some new stories, too.  And..."The Hunt" is going to be reprinted in this sexy, snazzy reincarnation!  Yaaaaaaaay!  I'm removing all Lame Goat Press book links from my page.  It's a disappointment seeing the original Howl go, but I'm honestly not that surprised after all the Lame Goat nonsense.  It's a shame really.  But I'm sure Mark's new press Red Skies Press will come along as well as Chris Bartholomew's Static Movement anthologies.  Chris did a great job salvaging what Lame Goat had abandoned and I'm sure Mark will be equally as successful.

High fives to these great folks who keep the small press alive.

Lotsaluv, Em

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