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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day!

To help celebrate Free Comic Book Day, my novella Glitter and Trauma is free on Amazon this weekend! Woohoo.

Behold, some exciting links to help you download it quick and easy:

UK readers, get it here: http://t.co/3vdqfo9X

US readers, click here: http://t.co/UopXnfhj

Would love for people to put up reviews, likes and tags on Amazon and Good Reads once they have read it. I'd really appreciate that folks.

If you're on Twitter or Facebook, feel free to post these links so that we can Spread the Shadows. I'll be starting up discussion threads on Good Reads soon too so it would be great if you, fair reader of this blog, could give Glitter and Trauma a try and tell me what you think.

Happy Free Comic Book Day bunnies! Enjoy whatever heroes you pick up from your local comic book store!


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