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Monday, 19 July 2010

A Better Blog...

Aha!  Now I have the time to actually write.  K Bargie is staying with me right now and I seem to be filled with inspiration and the motivation to write.  So today I reworked a very very old story and produced a short, 800 word piece called "Everything Burns".  It's a much better version of the daft angsty thing I wrote when I was 16.  Generally, I like it.  Sent it off to Static Movement's Darkest Secrets anthology and it was accepted.  Cover below:

Bloody well lovin' this cover.  I worked my ass of just to get a piece good enough for this cover.  Freakin' awesome.  Can't wait to have it adorning my bookshelf.

On that note, I ordered my copy of Flash! today.  It was in stock on amazon.co.uk so it should be here soon.  I'll stick up a picture of it once it arrives.  Shouldn't take long.

"Starry Eyed" is now up and running and functional on the wonderful Moon Washed Kisses.  Very cool site and some great work up there.  Check it out and give the other pieces a read, too.  I really like this site, going to try writing something new for their next issue.

Anyway, I think that'll do just now.  Can't wait till the Daily Flash books from Pill Hill come out.  Especially after seeing the covers.  Totally love them.

Lotsaluv, Em


  1. Just read 'Starry Eyed' - a beautifully written story. I can see why it was accepted!

    I can't wait for my Daily flash books either. Quick question - has Jessy sent you a link to check the proof for the first Daily Flashes book yet? I haven't had one, and wanted to check she hasn't missed me.

  2. I haven't seen anything yet but I think there's probably still contracts to be sent back. Lots of writers means lots of contracts to wait for! Thanks for Reading starry eyed!

    Lotsaluv, Em