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Friday, 2 July 2010

High Fives for my Postie

Today my postman made me a very happy lass when my copy of Pill Hill Press' Haunted plopped onto my doorstep.  I scurried across the room, with the dog barking behind me (he hates it when the door goes), pulling the porch door open, then squealing with joy as I ripped the book free of his cardboard.  It's gorgeous.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Some really great stories in this one.  I'll post a proper review once I've read more, but it's a cracker so far.  So, yes, I'm a smiley girl today.  If you would like a copy of Haunted: An Anthology of the Supernatural and you're in the states, click away.  However, if you're in the UK (like me), just click here instead.

On top of that, my story "Riding" shall be appearing in Static Movement's Were-What? anthology.  Here's the cover:

Pretty freaky lookin' but still amazing.  Ironically enough, I watched The Wolfman on blu-ray today, as I edited my entry for the anthology.  I love Hugo Weaving.  He's the coolest guy ever.  Love him the most in Prescilla, I just want to hug him.

Anyway, in other news, I ordered a copy of The Weaving by Gerald Costlow and it arrived yesterday.  Started reading it at work last night and I'm impressed so far.  Will put up a full review when I'm done.

And while I'm linking galore, I better plug my other books. If you haven't read Pandora's Nightmare yet, then why not?!?!?!?!?!  This lovely little picture will direct you to purchasing in the US.  Or, if you're a UK buyer, click here.  It's a great book.  Lots of fun and genuinely scary in places.  Get it and take it on holiday with you.  Then, once you're back leave an honest review on Amazon (or your blog, whatever).

Well, that'll do for today, I think!  Ta-ra!

Lotsaluv, Em

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  1. Nothing better than a book arriving in the post :)