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Friday, 9 July 2010

Updates Indeed

At last, amazon have caught up with the cover image and I can put a proper link for Pill Hill's Haunted up.  Check the sidebar *points*.  I've stuck it in this post, too, just because I can!  Mwahahahaha!  Ain't it pretty.  But a copy, now!  Or, if you're in the UK (like me), click here to purchase a very sexy copy (like mine).  Some very good stories in this.  I haven't made my way through the whole lot yet, but current favourites include "Closing Costs" by Tony Schaab, "Home Schooling" by Gerald Costlow and "Dead-end Diner" by Rob Rosen.  When I've been through the whole thing, I'll put up a proper review, but generally I'm impressed.  If you haven't read my posts on this book before now, my haunted vampire story "What Keeps me Here" (part of my Flashes Before her Eyes series) can be found in its pages.

In other news, the anthology Flash!, is now available on amazon globally.  US readers, click the previous link and UK readers, click here.  This was a Lame Goat failure which was salvaged by Static Movement, so I implore you, kind readers, buy a copy so we can all give Static Movement a high five on saving the book.  It features my story "Pride and Joy", which is a cute wee daft piece, but should bring a smile anyway.

In spite of my struggling, my super-sexy amazon.co.uk author page is now up and running!  It features a daft bio and my Ferocious Bloodaxe mugshot, but it's a good way of listing what anthologies including my work are available.  I like it!  Also now working is my amazon.com supremely awesome author page.  Indeed!

And bloody hell, I've just realised that you can buy all my anthologies from Waterstones!!!  Links included below:

Pandora's Nighmare: Horror Unleashed
Haunted: An Anthology of the Supernatural

Wow, I'm thoroughly chuffed by that!  Happy shopping bunnies!

Lotsaluv, Em

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