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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dark Eye Glances

My poem "Gypsy" has been accepted for the first issue of Dark Eye Glances, which is available later in June.  Twas an exciting little turn of events to find the acceptance email in my inbox this morning, because I've never thought very highly of my poetry.  Might have to start dredging up my other poems and see what I can do with them, then.  Will let you all know when it's up for reading.

Have just returned from my boys' roadtrip in Alton Towers.  Twas a good daft adventure and was thoroughly terrified all day.  Great  fun, though.  Was myself, my boyfriend (K Bargie), his brother and a mate.  Absolutely knackered but we all had a ball.  Squealed like a girl the whole way round Oblivion, Air, Nemesis and Rita.  But 13, the newest ride there, was fantastic.  Sheer magic.  Nearly pissed my pants on the drop.  Totally worth it though.

Lotsaluv, Em

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