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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hard Working Folks

Chris Bartholomew of Static Movement has been working her butt off lately.  She's taken on almost all of Lame Goat's abandoned projects (Aurora Wolf are handling Novus Creatura) and Inner Fears has hit Amazon already.  Once it reaches Amazon.co.uk, I'll be purchasing a copy, as it's looking to be a good book.  I'm not involved in this one but it's worth a read for sure.  Similarly awaiting By Mind or Metal to go online.  Beautiful cover on that one.

More Static Movement news, directly concerning me this time.  Chris' new anthology Caught by Darkness is to include my story "Mistakes", which is a new version of the Reaper series I used to write way back in the day.  Damien/Reaper has had a serious make-over and the series should be a lot better now.  This is the first Reaper piece to reach the fresh, crisp pages of the world of print.  So I'm rather excited.  Any of my Elfwooders should be pleased with this development.  Will keep updating here when I know more.

More hardworking peeps at Pill Hill Press as Haunted: An Anthology of the Supernatural is now available on Amazon and can be purchased via that link.  Click it, you know you want to.  As soon as the cover goes online, I'll put a proper link on the sidebar.  Can't wait to get hold of my copy.  Ridiculously excited about that one.  It's not on amazon.co.uk yet.  Well it is, but it's not available for purchase yet.  Again, will stick a link up when it is.

Sent my bio off to Paroxysm Press for their 100 Lightnings anthology.  Hopefully this might mean there's some kind of movement developing there and the book won't be far off.  Again, will do the usual and post here when I know more.

I hate to be a bit of a grumpus, but it would be awesome if readers started leaving comments, reviews and ratings on amazon with regard to small press books they purchase, such as those published by Pill Hill Press.  Jessy, Alva and all the contributors do a huge amount of work to ensure those books reach your hungry readery hands, so please let the world know what you think.

Thank you, my legion of vampire bunnies.

Lotsaluv, Em

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