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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Trials, Tears and Triumphs

Been having a really tough time lately.  I won't go into it too much, seeing as this is the internet, therefore could be read by anyone, but my confidence has taken a hammering.  A few people have left my self-esteem a bloody pulp on their shoes after this week.  If ever I needed a pick-me-up, it's now.  Unfortunately, things keep slipping down hill and I'm beginning to get a bit grumpy and depressed...

In cheerier news, my short story version of Swampblood has been shortlisted for Pill Hill's Back to the Middle of Nowhere, which I'm really pleased about.  Swampblood means so much to me so it's great to see it getting acknowledged, even if it is just on the shortlist right now.

Updates and gossip...I've seen the editing proof of Haunted and it's looking fantastic.  Pill Hill Press have produced yet another cracking anthology.  It shouldn't be too long until it's available.  July, I think.  Anyway, will keep you posted and will provide a nice, convenient little Amazon link when it's up there.
Now, what's the dealio with Lame Goat Press these days?  I just don't know.  I've got two anthologies lined up with them ("Pride and Joy" in Flash and "Ruined" in Novus Creatura, edited by the wonderful JAM), and I'm afraid I have no news to give you on either book.  As soon as I know what's happening, you will too, my fair bunnies.

Now I'm off to turn my frown upside down...

Lotsaluv, Em


  1. I'm with you on the LGP situation Emma. (Literally - I've had stories accepted for Novus Creatura, and Flash). To be honest, I'm not that worried about the "Flash" book, as the pieces are reprints, but I was really stoked for NC and really enjoyed the back-and-forth with JAM. If the whole thing over there goes pear-shaped ...


  2. My story for Flash is a bit short and daft but I was really pleased with my piece for NC. Totally agree with you, twas great working with JAM and his edit of my piece made it all shiny and sparkly! I'm giving Chris another month then I'm pulling out.

    It sucks.

    Lotsaluv, Em

  3. Hey - Novus Creatura is happening! Not sure if you've been following the drama - but get over to StaticMovement.com, and go on the message boards for all the details. JAM should be e-mailing you regardless, but for the full story - check it out!