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Monday, 28 June 2010

Done and Dusted

Okay, lots of gossip today...

First of all, here's the cover for Static Movement's Dusted:

I love it. Think it's fantastic.  "Clowns" finally found a home in this book, so I'm rather excited about seeing the finished product.  Should be awesome.

In "Yaaaaay" news...my flash piece "Harvest" was accepted today for Blood Bound Book's Seasons in the Abyss anthology.  I am a very happy bunny about this.  Been trying to get a story published with BBB for AGES!!!!  Really glad to be a part of this.  Interesting book too.  It's a collection of seasonal stories, like a bunch for Spring, a bunch for Summer, etc, etc.  My story is part of the Autumn (Fall, for you American folks) section.  Attempting to write one for winter, but we'll see how that goes.

Attempted to make an Amazon author's page today.  Failed miserably.  Ah well, maybe later.

Mantra for today: Hey, Stephen King started out as a high school English teacher.  There's hope for me yet, bunnies.

Lotsaluv, Em

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